Robby  Abrams, 62, a native of Johannesburg, South
Africa, resides in Jerusalem.  He came to Israel in 1988
and and studied culinary art at the Hadassah College of
Technology, Jerusalem, after which  he worked in 5-star
hotels and upper-end restaurants. 

After a few years, he found himself unable to continue
in this position and looked around for another profession.
He re-discovered  his childhood fascination with knives
and an aptitude for knife sharpening and decided to
develop this as a business.

Starting in 1999, he acquired specialized sharpening
machines and tools and proceeded to develop the skills
and knowledge necessary to be a successful
blade- smith.

He is now a true specialist in the ancient art of
blade- smithing.  He also refurbishes and repairs antique
scissors and knives, including chalah knives, many of
which are family heirlooms.  Robby is much in demand
among Jerusalem's chefs, restaurateurs and culinary
experts  and  is known for his  fine attention to detail and
professional customer service.